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Georgia is recognized around the world as a leader in the poultry industry. Poultry is the largest segment of Georgia agriculture and agribusiness.


Ray Campbell opened the Georgia office in June of 2001 in a leased corporate space at 1709 Cleveland HW. In less than a year, April of 2002, he moved across town into the current location at 723 Washington Street SW Suite #8.


Ray Campbell, Manager/Sales
AOL Messenger: RH Poultry Ray
Birthday: October 17

Ray joined the R&H team in July of 2001. He is married to Deborah and has 2 sons: Jared and Jordan. He spent 19 years with Fieldale Farms working his way up through QC and Product Coordination, eventually landing in the Sales Department. He is very active in his church and enjoys traveling and gardening.


Chris Porter, Sales
AOL Messenger: flatsanglin
Birthday: June 24

Chris is single. He spent 7 years at Harrison Poultry 5 in production and 2 in sales. Chris is an avid fisherman and hunter. He also enjoys golf, travel and is active in his church.

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